Technology Resources

Jaguar uses the best intelligent transportation systems to improve safety, mobility and efficency.

CCTV & Telematics

A fully integrated systems gives our clients an extra layer of protection. Telematics deliver the relevant driver information and data, and the camara gives the context and evidence of any event

GPS System

We use GPS fleet tracking in all our units to: Maximise Vehicle Utilisation; Customers Satisfaction, Ensure Vehicle Safety, Resource Optimisation, Rout Planning, Speed Detection, Ful Monitoring and Real Time Monitoring

Driving Simulator

Jaguar is one of a very few transportation companies in Mexico that owns a fully leverages and Driving Simulator (“Virtual Cockpit”) to suport and train its professional drivers


• Drivers have the opportunity to improve their driving skills and proficiency
• Achieve certification and become highly trained and defensive drivers
• Perform manuvers with different load configurations
• Driver and travel in adverse wether conditions
• Face different challenges and situations that may occur when operating a Class 8 Cargo Truck