Jaguar Transportation was founded in 1975 to offer and provide domestic transportation services within and at the Nuevo Laredo, border to and from Mexico

In 1997 it changed its name to Servicios de Transportacion Jaguar SA de CV, and established itself as one of the Top (10) best providers of logistics and transportation services in North America

Jaguar Transportation established.

Named changed to:
Servicios de Transportación Jaguar, SA de CV.

Jaguar is recognized as one of the Top carriers in Mexico.

Jaguar grows fleet to (150+) Trucks.

Jaguar expanded is fleet to (250+) Trucks and (550+) Trailers and also offers HAZMAT services in Mexico.

Nuevo Laredo Terminal UPGRADE with investment of ($4 M USD).

Jaguar appears in the Ranking of 100+ influential in Logistics (voted by T21).

Exporting Merit Award “Rodolfo Gonzalez Garza” 2021 category Logistics Services by COMCE.

Included in the 100+Influential Logistics Ranking (T21).

25th Anniversary of the New Jaguar.

78th position in the Transportation Awards 2022  (T21).

CANACAR Recognitions for:

-Complying with the guidelines for the use of intermediate-level license plates.

-Complying with normative regulations.

26th Anniversary of the New Jaguar

-Carrier of the year 2022

-COMCE Export Merit Recognition 2023

-Top 100 Transportation awards

-CANACAR Advance Level Badge

27th Anniversary of the New Jaguar


Our history continues…

New Jaguar 2.0