Our core values define how Jaguar behave and do business, with the additional mission to serve the community.


Detailed planning and processes with review before we act enables us to protect ourselves and others, by dentifying and correcting any potential danger by minimizing any and all risks

Honesty and Integrity

Our core values of honesty and integrity are engrained in our CULTURE, for the benefit of our costumers and employees, through mutual respect


We belive in the future, and continue to invest in our people, processes, equipment and continuous improvment to offer and provide new solutions to support the needs of our clients and employees

Quality and Costumer Services

Through our Lean Six Sigma metholdologies, Jaguar plans for success, avoids costly mistakes, and provides our clients with Error Free service exciding their expectations

Commitment and Teamwork

Our goal is to creat True Partnership with our clients, ensuring the highest level of performance, safety and value